Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fretwork, eh, Gingerbread

I have a weakness for Victorian architecture.  I don't know much about it, other than the fact that I really, really like it.  I love all the loops and swirls of vintage woodworking and the gingerbread like quality it gives a beautiful stately house flanked with swirls cut lovingly by a masters hand.

The regal shapes have shown their faces in numerous place--from gardens of hedgerows (Versailles Gardens has an astounding collection of such), to shelf supports sporting trinkets in the family home.  I decided that this design could not go a moment longer without being adapted to one of my favorite mediums; beads!  I was tasked with designing a cuff for a woman who likes bright colors and wears jeans most days.  It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to try out a new fretwork design.  I created Versailles Fretwork Peyote Cuff for her (It is to be a Christmas present purchased for her by her younger brother), so I will have to wait until December 26th to hear about its reception, but I can only hope it will be grand!

I will be beading up a dichromatic version of this cuff, but for now I jsut had too many blues to not try to use more than one :).  Thanks for looking!


  1. beautiful!!! i love the pattern!!! can't wait to see the other version!

  2. This is a TOTAL "jeans & t-shirt" kinda piece! It's how I'd wear it, or with my favorite understated LBD. Love it! Can't wait to see how I render it myself ;)