Monday, November 9, 2009

I have just been through the absolute most difficult week of my life.  Every facet of my being has been tested and every ounce of courage I possess has been used.  I have made a decision to see myself and my life through these rough times and am holding fast to the idea that there is and will be amazing results in the end.

I have glimpsed bits and pieces of sheer and utter beauty painfully dispersed within terrible agony and despair.  I will survive and my family will too, I can only hope that we are stronger for our survival.  I have had a lyric from one of my all time favorite songs running through my head while I struggled with this turmoil.  It is reflected in my latest cuff:

Ain't No Sunshine:

Peace be with you and your family.  Hold your loved ones close and know that you can get through anything... together. 

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  1. I hope things look up for you soon, Mihana. *hugs* I have turned to my beading for years to help me make it through; I'm glad it helps you as well.